Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pela & The Postelles @ Mercury Lounge 5/11/09

On Monday night, a friend invited me and my buddy Dan to the Mercury Lounge for "The Alternate Side" launch party featuring two bands, The Postelles and Pela. Mercury Lounge is such a great venue, it's tiny and only holds a couple hundred people (at the most) so there's really not a bad seat in the house.

The Postelles played first and even though I hadn't heard them before, I definitely dug their sound. They seem pretty young and kind of remind me of a poppier version of the Strokes, a little bit like the Kooks also. They rolled through 7 or 8 songs and their lead singer thanked the crowd and WFUV numerous times for letting them play, they were definitely gracious. After a little research, it looks like they've got an EP on Itunes and they're working on a new album. I took a video (below) that you can check out, not sure if "I Wanna Love You" is even the name of this song but it'll work until I find out. Check out their site HERE for more information, they're going to play the All Points West Festival in NJ this summer.


Pela (rhymes with Layla) followed the Postelles and I was really excited to see these guys. My buddy Chris sent me one of their songs a couple weeks back and I've been listening to them quite a bit. I don't know who I'd compare them to currently but they kind of remind me of some of the bands I used to listen to in the 90s (that's a good thing to me). I had read some positive things about their live show, so I was looking forward to see if they delivered. They kicked off their set with the song "Waiting On The Stairs", a really good high-energy tune (video below). This was a great choice to come out firing, immediately got the crowd into them whether people knew their music or not. They followed that with "Lost To The Lonesome", another upbeat song that I featured as the SOTD a little while back. Pela absolutely ripped through another 5 or 6 songs and frontman Billy McCarthy left it all on stage and was covered in sweat at the end of their show.

I came away really impressed with these guys, definitely a band I'd recommend seeing. They just finished a tour with Gaslight Anthem and looks like they're heading to Seattle, you can check out their site HERE for more information.


All in all a fun night of music at a great club. Special thanks to Lindsay for hooking up the tix, much appreciated!

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