Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chamberlin @ Public Assembly 5/1/11

On Sunday night, my buddy John and I met up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to see Chamberlin at Public Assembly. I had been following these guys for about six months now and was looking forward to this show as it was the first time they've come to the NYC area since I heard their music late last year. This show was part of a showcase run by Communion Music with several bands playing over the course of the night.

Chamberlin came on around 10pm and played a great set consisting mostly of songs from their debut album "Bitter Blood" and I'm pretty sure they played one song that is not on the album. From the first note I was really impressed with how great they sounded, you could tell these guys have been on the road for awhile now because they were extremely tight. Their album is one of my favorites from 2011 and the songs translated live very well, especially the harmonies. I took a couple videos which you can see below, "Dust" & "Turn Around", both from their album.

After the set we spoke with Mark (lead singer/guitar) and Jamie (Drums) for a few minutes and expressed how impressed we were with their sound & show, real nice guys and very appreciative of the support. My only complaint the whole night was that I wished their set was longer, seemed like they got off stage way too quickly but you have to expect that within a showcase. Chamberlin will be back playing in NYC at the Mercury Lounge in a couple of weeks so I highly recommend seeing them if you're in town. Can't say enough how great these guys are and I think they're on the path for some big things in the near future.



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