Monday, December 19, 2016

50 Favorite Songs of 2016

Hello friends, another year has come and gone and it's time for my annual version of The Tremagazine 50 Favorite Songs of the year. I think we got some really strong albums in 2016 and I enjoyed working on this throughout the year.

With each song posted, I'll list some of my favorite lyrics along with some personal thoughts on the song and/or artist, if I got to see that band this year I'll be sure to mention a note about the show. Once again, I've added a spotify playlist so those of you that use it can just stream the songs in one place (they're in order on the playlist but feel free to shuffle away as well).

As always, thanks for reading, listening, sharing and sending along any feedback. Really appreciate that people take the time to listen to these songs and my hope is always that you can find something to take into the following year that you may have missed in a given year.

"Welcome to Earth (Polywog)" - Sturgill Simpson

My first entry to the list this year is from one of the earliest albums I heard in 2016, Sturgill Simpson's "A Sailor's Guide to Earth". This was one of my favorite albums this year, I found myself going back to constantly. I love how he wrote this album for his young son and had several songs I probably could have picked for the list. As some of you have probably heard, Sturgill recently got nominated by the Grammys for "Album of the Year". The NY Times had a great article about his reaction to that nomination and some other background on Simpson which you can read HERE.

I've been told you measure a man
By how much he loves
When I hold you
I treasure each moment I spend
On this earth, under heaven above

"Roll with the Punches" - Dawes

Dawes is a band that's made many appearances on my lists over the years. I don't think their latest albums stack quite up with their first two but I always seem to find a few tracks I like on each one they issue. If you're not familiar with their music, I recommend going back and checking out their early albums and they're also a band I'd recommend seeing live, great show.

Every promise was negotiable
Most of all the ones they made alone
When she finally forgave
What he'll take to his grave
Learning not to pick up the phone

"In A Drawer" - Band of Horses

One of my favorite bands and I think one of the more underrated albums this year. Haven't seen it mentioned on many lists but I thought it was the best albums Band of Horses has put out in years. When I first heard this track it reminded me of something from the 90s but couldn't exactly put my finger on it..... until I read the liner notes and saw J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. was featured on backing vocals.

The creaking wood under my walk
Familiar like an old time song
A memory when you were young
Remembering a time long gone

"Bermuda Highway" - Rayland Baxter

This is actually a cover, one of my favorite My Morning Jacket songs. Love Rayland Baxter's take on it, listened to this track a ton in 2016.

Oh, don't carve me out!
Don't let your silly dreams,
Fall in between
The crack of the bed and the wall

"Visiting" - Pinegrove

Here's a new band I found this year, making their first appearance on my list. I absolutely loved their album, "Cardinal" and I've seen several other people mention this as a favorite as well. If you like this track I think you'll like this entire album.

After the drugs have worn off
And we're brittle in the light
Will you still be there for me?
Still do things for me?

"Death Dream" - Frightened Rabbit

I'm a longtime fan of this band and they consistently put out great songs. This album came out fairly early in the year and I found myself returning to this track quite often. I got go see them perform a couple times this year (Le Poisson Rouge and Newport Folk Festival) and thought they sounded as good as ever and even better than I had remembered. Beautiful arrangement of this song in the clip below.

Death dreams you don't forget
It's been a while since I dreamed this but
Even now, when asleep, I'll tread with care

"This Is Your Life" - Augustines

It saddened me a couple months ago to learn that Augustines would be ending their time as a band in 2016. I've been a fan going back to when members of this band were in Pela and I was thrilled a few years ago when they re-emerged as Augustines. If you got the pleasure to see them live, you know there weren't many bands that played with more energy or passion. Truly bummed to see them go but hopefully they'll continue making music in some form, one way or another. I'm glad they went out with a strong album this year, one of two tracks you'll see on my list. Love the video below, hope it gives you a sense of what they were about.

Maybe we just got left here waiting for something that will never come
But you got fight sometimes for anything in this life
Or just do what they taught you
Work all your life and die
Then die, then die

"Dusty Trails" - Lucius

If I were to rank all fifty songs on this list, I think this would have finished first or second. Absolutely loved this from the minute I heard it. Beautiful harmonies, the last couple minutes are off the charts. Incredible song.

I'm halfway to misery
Some say when you go halfway there's still plenty of time to return
Oh, am I halfway to heaven?
Some may say when you go halfway, you only have halfway to go

"White Ferrari" - Frank Ocean

I've been a big fan of Frank Ocean going back to his debut, "Nostalgia, Ultra". I'm always able to find at least a couple songs I love with each of his releases and his latest was no different. This one was well worth the wait and we even get a guest appearance from Bon Iver's Justin Vernon at the end.

I care for you still and I will forever
That was my part of the deal, honest
We got so familiar
Spending each day of the year, White Ferrari
Good times
In this life, life

"33, God" - Bon Iver

... and speaking of Bon Iver, my favorite album of 2016. I think I could have picked about 4 songs for this list but I held it at two. Just a fantastic album from start to finish.

I didn't need you that night, not gonna need you anytime
Was gonna take it as it goes I could go forward in the light

"Radio Kids" - Strand of Oaks

One of the reasons I typically put this list out in late December is that I often find 2-3 songs early in the month that I end up adding. Perfect case in point here with the new track from Strand of Oaks. The vocals on this one remind me a bit of some of Johnny Rzeznik's early work. I believe this full album will be out early in 2017 but if it sounds like this first single, I'm going to love it. Great stripped down version in the video clip below.

And play, play it loud on the radio
I got my headphones on, my parents will never know
It's something that we had, before we lost..... control
On the radio

"Never Going Back" - Caveman

Here's a track that came out early in the year but kept me coming back over and over. This song reminds me a lot of the War on Drugs who were probably one of last year's biggest breakout bands (Ironically the first time I saw Caveman live opening for the War on Drugs at Cameo Gallery).

Changed my mind
When I fell for you
I wanna know what is like
But I can't pull through

"Masters" - Local Natives

I've been a fan of this band for awhile now and have enjoyed their previous work quite a bit. I love the use of percussion in their songs, along with their harmonies. This is one of the better tracks on the new album.

Stay, I'll make sure you're safe
I don't wanna change
I love you this way
And I love you right now

"Strange Torpedo" - Lucy Dacus

Here's another newcomer to the list, Lucy Dacus. I finally listened to her album No Burden over the summer after reading some good buzz on her earlier in the year. What a great voice and sound, absolutely fantastic album and could have easily included several other tracks off the album as well. If you like this please give the entire album a listen, you may even find something you like better than this song. Really hoping to see her live in 2017.

I see the blood rushing to your head.
Your words are slurred and your cheeks are red.
You’d do anything to stop pretending.
Can’t have regrets when you can’t remember them.

"The Space Program" - A Tribe Called Quest

Back when I was in college at Villanova, I went to visit a friend at Lehigh to see A Tribe Called Quest. Even though this was twenty years ago, I remember it like it was last night. They played the basketball gym and we sat (stood) on the side in the bleachers. Unbelievable energy, the whole arena was going nuts throughout the show and I specifically remember they didn't play Scenario in the main set. They waited and shut all of the lights off only to come running out for the encore after the opening beats. I seriously thought that the bleachers might collapse but they held strong and we all celebrated one of the greatest groups to ever come along. Welcome back, Tribe.

It always seems the poorest persons
Are people forsaken, dawg
No Washingtons, Jeffersons, Jacksons
On the captain's log

Watch the SNL appearance HERE.

"There Will Be Time" - Mumford & Sons

I think this track kind of fell under the radar this year but I had it in constant rotation. Mumford and Baaba Maal put together one of the great collaborations in 2016. Love where the song really picks up at the 2:20 mark, fantastic finish to this one.

There is a time, a time to love
A time to sing, a time to shine
A time to leave, a time to stay
There is a time, a time to cry
A time to love, a time to live
There is a time, a time to sing
A time to love

"California" - Robert Ellis

Sometimes you see an artist live and hear something new that you weren't familiar with, something that jumps out and sticks in your mind until you're able to hear it again. Such was the case with this song, I saw Robert Ellis last year in nyc and absolutely loved this song. The following day I searched all over and found some live clips online which I listened to constantly until this album came out in 2016. This is one of my top ten songs from the year and really an excellent album all around.

Which way to go
When every road leads away from the things you wanted
Which way you go
When every memory is built like a home that's haunted
Closing your eyes
Dream of a place where things turn out the way you planned it
Everything dies
Dream of a place where the living resides again

"Fisher Road to Hollywood" - The Avett Brothers

The Avett Brothers are truly one of the great live bands around, each time I've seen them has been fantastic. I think it's tough for their studio albums to match the energy of their live show but there are always some absolute gems on the albums that jump out to me. This track was by far my favorite on their latest release.

And I didn't really say goodbye
They'll walk their path and I'll walk mine
I will find other ways
To tear my body down

"Punks in a Disco Bar" - Beach Slang

I wrote something about these guys a few months ago and I'm just going to post it here because I don't think I could write something better....

Back in my freshman or sophomore year of high school, one of my friends told me about a band he thought I should check out called the Goo Goo Dolls. At first I thought it was a joke, there's no way a serious band would choose that as a name. As everyone now knows, I was wrong. What most people may not know is that the early Goo albums were drastically different than the pop style that they eventually transitioned to, most of their early work had a much larger punk influence. I first borrowed Superstar Car Wash and then moved backwards to Hold Me Up and Jed, almost burning those CDs out listening to them over and over. It was unlike anything I had heard before but I loved them almost instantly and more so, I felt that music, it made me feel alive.

A little over a year ago, I was taken back to those high school days when I was introduced to a new band out of Philly named Beach Slang. I've been trying to see them for the last year and finally got the chance last night in Brooklyn, it was everything I had hoped for. It's almost eerie how I got the same exact feelings I had when I first heard the Goo Goo Dolls and it had been such a long time since something reminded me of those days. That's the beauty of music, it can take you back to an exact time and place, remind you of people and experiences you've been through. Hearing those songs come to life reminded me of being a teenager again and not exactly knowing where my place in this world was, just knowing that there indeed was a place for me. Reminding me that there's a place for all of us. The clip from below is from the show I saw.....

I'm nothing clean
I'm garbage thoughts and dirty knees
A fucked-up punk
I'm a bastard light I ain't no one's son

"Cal" - Silver Torches

I think this was the first song I put on the list this year, came across it back in January. I don't think Silver Torches has even put out a full length album but I really dug this whole EP.

I know we haven't talked in a while
I haven't seen your face in three years
Somehow it's hard to pick up the dial
It's so easy to disappear

"St Anne's Parade" - Shovels & Rope

I was lucky enough to see Shovels & Rope this past summer at the Newport Folk Festival and they just have an incredible chemistry on stage. I think this shines through in their studio work as well, this is one beautiful song.

We been riding down this highway, now, for all these years
Breathing in the dust along the way
But it's the kindness of a friend is what's remembered in the end
It is a debt that is a pleasure to repay

"Lost Weekend" - Pete Yorn

Another song that came out early in 2016 and stayed in my rotation. I'm a long time Pete Yorn fan and have been following is work for years (his album Music for the Morning After is a classic), real solid singer/songwriter.

Is there reason not to change
Stay the same, become a new thing
Walk backwards, step beyond
Never forget where we come from

"Parking Lot" - Anderson .Paak

Another newcomer to the list this year, this song (and really this album) is so cool, such an original sound. Funny enough, I actually found Anderson .Paak through this great interview with Nardwuar (watch HERE). One of the best new artists I heard this year, excited to see what else his career has in store.

Coming closer to midnight
And I'm wide awake
And ain't you afraid to fade?

"Oh, the Sadmakers" - Rob Crow's Gloomy Place

You may not recognize the name Rob Crow but he's been in several bands, probably best associated with Pinback. This is a great tune, listened to it a ton this year. Kind of reminds me of something out of the 90s, really dig his vocals.

Innocent Man, Innocent child
Paying your sins out of pocket
Might take a while

"Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales" - Car Seat Headrest

I believe I actually had a Car Seat Headrest on my list last year but he really took off in 2016 and his album has gotten a ton of buzz. I've seen several lists having it as a top 10 album for the year and I think it's excellent as well. This was the track that really stood out to me, one of my favorite songs of the year.

It's too late to articulate it
That empty feeling
You share the same fate as the people you hate
You build yourself up against others' feelings
And it left you feeling empty as a car coasting downhill

"Present Tense" - Radiohead

This song has such a classic Radiohead sound, I feel like it could have easily been included on Kid A years ago.

I won't get heavy
Don't get heavy
Keep it light and
Keep it moving
I am doing
No harm
As my world
Comes crashing down
I'm dancing
Freaking out
Deaf, dumb, and blind

"Eyes on You" - Kings of Leon

My favorite track on the new Kings of Leon album, this one reminds me a lot of their older stuff, feel like it could have been an extra from Youth and Young Manhood.

You're a misfit and I'm your freak
Dance all night till our knees go weak
We could shut this place down
No one else is around

"The Forgotten Way" - Augustines

Another great one from Augustines, going out with a bang.

Around here is getting harder to breath
What doesn't kill you make you stronger indeed
Ride the subway alone, drunk on Christmas eve
Look at all the misplaced faces
Baby it will be alright, you'll see

"Christine" - Martha

Here's a band that has I didn't discover until later in the year when a friend passed along. Some really good songs on this album, my favorite was this one. Hoping I get to see this live sometime.

I’ve been messed up in my head,
Since I finished watching threads,
When I couldn’t sleep for weeks,
Seeking shelter in the sheets.
Have I always been like this?
Like a toothy teenage kiss?
Like the Labrador we miss?
Like the tape hiss?

"Everything All At Once" - Local Natives

Another standout from the latest Local Natives album, beautiful song.

No one, no one, no one, no one
No one, no one, no one, no one
Has ever made me feel the way you do
Like you do, like you do, like you do

"Ivy" - Frank Ocean

Another appearance by Frank on this list, probably by second favorite song on Blonde.

We had time to kill back then
You ain't a kid no more
We'll never be those kids again

"Near to the Wild Heart of Life" - Japandroids

A few months ago, a buddy of mine and I got to see Japandroids in the tiny Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. Easily one of my favorite shows of 2016, Japandroids played a mix of their older material along with about five new songs that will be on their upcoming release. I can't wait for this album, looking forward to it more than anything else in 2017. What a perfect song to release as the first single.....

It was last call at my local
And I stalled saying goodbye
So the girl behind the bar came over
And she took me aside
She kissed me like a chorus, said
“Give ‘em hell for us
The last drink of the night, last night in town
Baby, this one is on the house”

"All We Got" - Chance the Rapper (featuring Kanye West & Chicago Children's Choir)

Here's an album that is appearing on many "best of" lists, and rightfully so. Chance is an incredible talent, this is a phenomenal album. Great live clip from the BBC below....

Wish I could tell you it's ready
Tell you it's ready today
They don't give nothing away
You gotta fight for your way
And that don't take nothing away
Cause at the end of the day

Music is all we got

"On Hold" - The XX

I'm really liking the new single from the XX, I decided to include a clip from their SNL performance which I thought sounded great.

And every time I let you leave
I always saw you coming back to me
When and where did we go cold?
I thought I had you on hold

"White Lights" - Rural Alberta Advantage

I've seen these guys live a few times and have always enjoyed their work. This is probably an album that flew under the radar a bit this year but they've got some great songs.

I'll be waiting up there for you
Tonight under the hard lights
I'll be staying up late for you
Never knew the harm it took on you
Never knew the mark it put on you

"Young Hearts" - Beach Slang

Another appearance from Beach Slang for one of my favorite albums of the year.

The nothing kids
The restless and forgotten
We never fit
It's been our bravest weapon

"In Bloom" - Sturgill Simpson

I thought this was one of the best and most unique covers to come out this year. Sturgill was a guest on Marc Maron's WTF Podcast earlier this year and spoke about his love of Nirvana and how they were an influence on him.

He's the one
Who likes all our pretty songs
And he likes to sing along
And he likes to shoot his gun
But he don't know what it means
Don't know what it means to love someone

"Bleeding Heart" - Regina Spektor

I'm a big fan of Regina's voice, this was a catchy tune that's stuck with me the last couple months.

You can't help but stare at everyone there
It's you versus everyone else
Your outfit's a crime, you feel their cold minds
Placing you under arrest
And you serve your time drinking all night long
Staring at the walls of your jail-like home
Listening to that song, cause it hurts just right
Till everything is gone tonight

"Solid Wall of Sound" - A Tribe Called Quest

One more from the Tribe album, love the use of the Elton John sample here. Can't find a streaming video so here's a piano cover (listen to the spotify version for the real thing).

Sound checking, a million watts are shaking the room
In just a few hours you're gonna feel the burn

"My True Name" - Bloc Party

I don't think Bloc Party has put anything out recently that's on par with their debut, Silent Alarm but this is one of the better songs I've heard from them lately. This came out early in 2016 but spent a lot of time on my playlist throughout the year.

Into your eye line
Keep me in your sights
I asked about you
And how to get into your life
Like daylight through a stained-glass window
Our colours run
Her voice seems like the Thames in the morning
It makes me strong

"666" - Bon Iver

One more from the new Bon Iver album, probably my favorite track from this one.

No, I don't know the path
Or what kind of pith I've amassed
Long lines of questions

"Tennessee Song" - Margo Price

I got to see Margo this past summer at the Newport Folk Festival and she put on a great set. Spent a good amount of time with this album when I got back home and it's real strong, if you like the sound of this track, you'll love the whole album.

The future ain't what it used to be
Let's go back to Tennessee
Mountain high and valley low
Let's build down where the waters flow

"Hag" - Band of Horses

Another one from the latest Band of Horses album, beautiful song.

It unfolded like a dream
Dazzled by the very thought of it
Like the way dreams are supposed to be

"What It Means" - Drive-By Truckers

This was an album I meant to listen to when it first came out but didn't get around to giving a good listen until the end of the year, and I'm glad I did. This track is one of the best I've heard this year, both lyrically and musically. Just a wonderful song.

We trust science just as long
As it tells us what we want to hear
We want our truths all fair and balanced
As long as our notions lie within it

"Terrified" - Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino's album is one of the more unique I heard this year and it's worth a listen the whole way through. There are a few standout tracks, this being one of them.

There's a bottom to the top of the moment
You won't always be around

"Size of the Moon" - Pinegrove

Another one of my favorites from the Pinegrove album, really can't recommend this whole album enough, absolutely one of the best things I listened to this year.

i dont know what

i’m afraid of

but i’m afraid

one day it all

will fall away

"Do You Still Love Me?" - Ryan Adams

Another late entry to the list, this song was just released about a week ago. Always look forward to Ryan's work and can't wait to hear this full album in 2017.

Another year will pass
I will count the days
Another sun goes down
And I'll never see the rays

"Waste a Moment" - Kings of Leon

This was the first single off the latest Kings of Leon, one of the standouts on the album to me.

Oh, take the time to waste a moment
Oh, face it where the lines are broken
Oh, name a price to all that's living
Oh, never ask to be forgiven

"Tomorrow" - Shakey Graves

The last song on the list this year and an appropriate title to send us into 2017. Love this song and great video below.

You used to tell me we'd turn into something
You said life was much better than this
Oh, but the closest I've come
To perfection is when you turned around
To steal a kiss

Sunday, January 3, 2016

50 Favorite Songs of 2015

Hello friends, another year has come and gone and it's time for my annual version of The Tremagazine Favorite Songs of the year. I went about this a little bit differently this year as I setup a playlist back in January and then tried to filter songs into it throughout the year, some made the final cut and others dropped out along the way. Over the last month or so I’ve dug deeper into lists from friends or others I’ve seen online and found some more songs that I may have missed over the year.

With each song posted, I'll list some of my favorite lyrics along with some personal thoughts on the song and/or artist, if I got to see that band this year I'll be sure to mention a note about the show. Once again, I've added a spotify playlist so those of you that use it can just stream the songs in one place.

For those of you that have read through these lists previously, I hope you enjoy as much as before. For the newcomers, I hope you find something in here that you like and will stop by again in 2016. In no particular order, here are my fifty favorite songs of 2015, enjoy.

"Love Like Ghosts" - Lord Huron

Lord Huron's album Strange Trails came out early in the year but I found it in constant rotation right up to 2016. This was definitely one of my favorites of 2015 and hard to narrow down the tracks I loved most. It's rare nowadays to buy an album and let it run through but this is one of those that is enjoyable from start to finish. I got to see them perform at Terminal 5 this year and had a great time at the show. Highly recommend not only this album but their previous work as well.

I don't feel it 'til it hurts sometimes
So go on baby, hurt me tonight.
I want ours to be an endless song.
Baby, in my eyes you do no wrong.

"In Its Infancy (The Waterfall)" - My Morning Jacket

Another favorite album from 2015, My Morning Jacket's The Waterfall had a bunch of songs that could have made this list. I always enjoy MMJ's studio work but their songs take on a new life whenever I see them live. I got the chance to see them a few times this year, both in a club and festival setting and they are one of the few bands that just puts on an "A" show every time I've seen them. The new tracks sounded even better than I would have imagined and this was ones that stood out to me.

Again I stop the waterfall by simply thinking
Again I stop the waterfall before my breathing
Again I stop the waterfall by finally feeling
Again I stop the waterfall by just believing

"New Skin" - Torres

Throughout this list there are many artists that I just heard for the first time this year, Torres would fall into that category. This track was the one that jumped out at me and reminded me of something I listened to back in the 90s. I've yet to see her live but I love this clip of her below, you get a real sense in the passion that's behind her lyrics.

The darkness fears
What darkness knows
But if you’ve never known the darkness
Then you’re the one who fears the most

"No, No, No" - Beirut

I'm a big fan of this band, chances are if they've put out an album in a given year at least one of the songs will find it's way to this list. Lead singer Zach Condon seems to consistently surround himself with talented musicians which was one of the reasons I chose this live clip to share. I've seen Beirut numerous times and highly recommend checking them out if you get the chance.

Don't know the first thing about who you are
My heart is waiting, taken in from the start
If we don't go now, we won't get very far
Don't know the first thing about who you are

"Right On Time" - Dawes

I've written numerous times about Dawes, one of my favorite bands that have come out in recent years. From other lists I've seen, it seems like the song that everyone loves off their latest release is "All Your Favorite Bands" featuring cameos from other artists like Matt Vazquez (Delta Spirit), John McCauley (Deer Tick), Brandon Flowers (The Killers) and My Morning Jacket. It's indeed a good song but "Right On Time" is the standout track that jumped out to me.

If these walls could talk
I'd defer to the furniture
The piano, the table, the bed that we both sleep in
These constant, silent messengers

"S.O.B." - Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats were simply my favorite discovery of 2015. I first heard S.O.B. driving down at the Jersey shore over the summer and I raced home to find out more about the band. This whole album is incredible, I had to hold myself back from putting about four songs on this list. If I were ranking a top five songs for the year I'd easily have this in there. A few months ago I got to see the band in Brooklyn and was really impressed with the performance. An extremely tight live band, you can tell they've been at it awhile and are completely in sync with one another. One other thing that struck me was how the entire band is involved in vocals, that's not something you see often. Take a look at the video below and you'll get a sense of how good a live show these guys put on.

I'm gonna need someone to help me
I'm gonna need somebody's hand
I'm gonna need someone to hold me down
I'm gonna need someone to care

"I Got You" - The White Buffalo

I wasn't familiar with White Buffalo until earlier this year when a friend pointed me in his direction. Great voice and some strong songs on this album. Fans of the show Sons of Anarchy are probably familiar with him as I understand his music is featured in several episodes of the show.

But I got you
In my veins, in my blood
I got you
Make me insane and boil my blood
Like there ain't no other love
Hearts aren't always red
They're black and blue
But I got you

"Southern Belles" - Langhorne Slim

I think Langhorne Slim says it best in the video below... "This is a bit of a smoother shuffle, you might feel it in your thighs and perhaps your ass. If you feel it in those places, shake it out."

It's been a while since I've been alright
I try to smile but it just don't come off right

"Went Looking for Warren Zevon's Los Angeles" - Lucero

Lucero has been around for quite awhile now but for some reason I never listened to them much. A coworker of mine is a big fan and I dug into them a bit a few months ago and really enjoyed their latest album. Just seeing Warren Zevon's name in the title made me hope that I'd love this song and I can say that it's my favorite from this release.

Fell in love but the love ran out
At Lucy's El Adobe by the Paramount
Margaritas under black palm trees
I've got time, no one is waiting for me

"Mr. E. Mann" - Titus Andronicus

I don't remember when or how exactly I came across this song earlier this year but it's a damn good rock song. Love the vocals from lead singer Patrick Stickles.

I was crying as I tried to get high
I've been dying all the time to get by
And along came a guy who said "Looking on the bright side's alright
It's alright
It's alright"

"You Don't Care for Me Enough to Cry" - John Moreland

John Moreland is another newcomer to the list this year. If I were to try to narrow down this list to only five songs, this track would have been included. Incredibly powerful song lyrically and one of the most beautiful musically that I heard in 2015. Moreland will head out on tour opening for Jason Isbell overseas early in 2016, that's a hell of a pairing to see live.

And I'm the kind of love it hurts to look at
maybe we should take it as a sign
when I'm strung out on leaving
exhaulting all my demons
and you don't care for me enough to cry

"Palmetto Rose" - Jason Isbell

Speaking of Jason of my favorite albums from 2015, this is the first of two songs that will appear on the list. Over the last few years I've become a huge fan of Jason and especially his live show. I got to see him a couple times in 2015 and was fortunate to make a trip down to Nashville to see him perform in the legendary Ryman Auditorium (if you haven't seen what this place looks like, take a look HERE). Imagine seeing one of your favorite performers in a church, that's the closest I can come to describing it. A phenomenal experience, one of my favorite memories and best shows I saw this year.

At night, after everything closes
I follow my own free will
And I take in my fill
I take in my fill

"River" - Saintseneca

You never quite know how you're going to come across music that appeals to you. I found Saintseneca through a thread on a basketball messageboard that I spend some time on. Liked this song and video a lot and kept it in my rotation most of the year.

"Paul Is Alive" - El Vy

El Vy is a project featuring Matt Berninger from The National with Brent Knopf of Menomena. If you hadn't heard them before but listened to this song, you'd be able to place Berninger's vocals pretty quickly if you are a National fan. This was my favorite track from their 2015 release.

Beatlemania made my mother
Think the way she does
She always said
"Don’t waste your life wishing everything was how it was"

"Hotline Bling" - Drake

One thing you'll find going through this list is that I have a pretty wide range in songs that I listen to. This is one of the catchiest tunes I heard this year, I don't think I've ever skipped it when it comes on my playlist. Drake puts out some absolutely massive hits and Hotline Bling falls into that category.

You should just be yourself
Right now, you're someone else

"The Eye" - Brandi Carlile

One downside to living in a city is that I no longer have my car so I don't get a lot of access to radio. I recently had a rental car for a meeting upstate and got a chance to listen to one of my favorite stations, WFUV. They had a tremendous playlist for my morning drive and one of the songs I heard was this one. I knew some of Brandi Carlile's music but had never heard this one, such a beautiful song. Luckily I was able to find a great live version from WFUV to share with you as well.

I wrapped your love around me like a chain
But I never was afraid that it would die
You can dance in a hurricane
But only if you’re standing in the eye

"Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas" - Beach Slang

It's too bad that the Grantland website was shutdown earlier this year. I enjoyed reading articles on various subjects and the site introduced me to some writers I've enjoyed following. One of those was Steven Hyden who led me to some great new music this year. Two of the bands that will be featured on this list were his recommendations during the year. I absolutely love this Beach Slang album, reminds me a lot of the last Japandroids album which was a favorite of mine as well. Hoping to see these guys live in 2016.

We are not alone.
We are not mistakes.
Don’t whisper now.
We’re allowed to be loud.

"Ship to Wreck" - Florence + The Machine

I've never gotten the chance to see this band live but every time I see a live video from them it looks like they put on a great show. I love Florence Welch's voice, it's incredible and she has a real knack for being a lead. I love this clip from SNL, we've all seen some poor tv performances as well as some good ones but they knock it out of the park here.

And oh my love remind me, what was it that I did?
Did I drink too much?
Am I losing touch?
Did I build this ship to wreck?

"When You're Smiling and Astride Me" - Father John Misty

I've enjoyed both of Father John Misty's albums to date. Last year I listed "Bored In The USA" as a favorite, which also came off this same album but was released as a single late in 2014. As you can see in the clip below, along with having a great voice, FJM puts on quite the show.

When you're smiling and astride me
I can hardly believe I've found you and I'm terrified by that

"Depreston" - Courtney Barnett

Courtney Barnett is another newcomer to the list this year. If you've read some other top of 2015 lists, you've probably seen her name mentioned. She seems to be a favorite for many people this year and she's got a great sound. This is my favorite off her album, reminds me of an old Lemonheads song.

If you've got a spare half a million
You could knock it down and start rebuildin'

"Out of the Woods" - Ryan Adams (Taylor Swift cover)

As I'm sure many of you know, earlier this year Ryan Adams covered Taylor Swift's entire album 1989. I thoroughly enjoyed this whole album, thought there were a bunch of great renditions that Ryan put his hands on. This was the standout track for me and honestly reminded me of something Ryan would have written as an original. The song was co-written by Swift and Jack Antonoff of the band Fun. I thought this was an interesting quote I read on Billboard about what he was aiming for in writing the song: "When I was working on the track, I was thinking a lot about My Morning Jacket," Antonoff continues, "and how everything they do, every sound is louder than the last, and somehow it feels like everything is just fucking massive. And that's the feeling that I went for. It started out big, and then I think the obvious move would have been to do a down chorus, but the idea was to keep pushing."

To move the furniture so we could dance
like we stood a chance
Two paper airplanes flying, flying, flying
Are we out of the woods?

"Pretty Pimpin" - Kurt Vile

Kurt Vile is another artist that seems to be popping up on a lot of best of 2015 lists. I've been listening to him for a bit now and his latest album is really good, love this track. One interesting thing about Kurt is that he and Adam Granduciel formed the band The War on Drugs in 2005, both seem to be having quite a bit of success lately, great to see.

I woke up this morning
Didn’t recognize the man in the mirror
Then I laughed and I said, “Oh silly me, that’s just me”

"Fire Away" - Chris Stapleton

Chris Stapleton has written numerous hits for other artists but finally put out his own album this year. Both Chris and his album have been nominated for numerous awards and rightfully so, this is an excellent album. I had a hard time picking a favorite here, there are several really good songs featured on the album. Not only a talented songwriter, Chris has a fantastic voice. I found a great live clip to share with you, worth giving this one a listen.

Well, I wish I could say
That I’ve never been here before
But you know and I know
That I’ll always come back for more
Your love might be my damnation
But I’ll cry to my grave

"No Room In Frame" - Death Cab For Cutie

I think I've been listening to Death Cab for close to fifteen years but what can I say, they continue to put out good music. Chance are if they put out an album in a given year, I'm going to find at least a few songs I really enjoy.

And how can I stay
In the sun
When the rain flows
All through my veins

"Death with Dignity" - Sufjan Stevens

This might be the most beautiful song I hear all year. Sad, but beautiful.

I forgive you, mother, I can hear you,
And I long to be near you
But every road leads to an end
Yes, every road leads to an end

"My Baby Don't Understand Me" - Natalie Prass

I found out about Natalie Prass earlier this year when she was opening some shows for Ryan Adams. This is another beautiful song, she really has a great voice. Love this stripped down clip I found, so simple and showcases her voice.

He don't understand me anymore
Oh no, my baby don't understand me anymore
Oh, what do you do when that happens?
Where do you go when the only home that you know is with a stranger?

"For No One" - Houndmouth

Houndmouth is a band I've gotten to see a couple times and I've enjoyed their sets. They've got a few songs that I absolutely love and this was my favorite from their latest album.

I'd do it all for you
But I do it for no one
I'd sing a song for you
But I sing for no one

"Take My Love" - The Lone Bellow

A couple of my friends like this band a lot but this was the first time I dove into listening to them. I enjoy the harmonies in this one.

When you told me you can't sleep
Count your sins instead of sheep
Count the ways that you feel weak
But that is not what I see

"Dream Lover" - Destroyer

I had seen Destroyer's name mentioned several times throughout the year with positive things continually written but he was just one of those artists that slipped through the cracks for me. One of my friends had him listed on is favorite songs of 2015 and I gave his album a listen. I was blown away how good this song was. Love the upbeat tempo and use of horns on this track.

Dream lover, I know
Someone's idea of fun
You and me thought in some city
Lovers on the run, lovers on the run

"Here" - Alessia Cara

I first heard this song over the summer, I believe it was on a clip from Jimmy Fallon's show. I was so impressed with her stage presence and confidence.... and then I found out she's only nineteen. Amazing, hell of a voice, I think she's going to be around a long time.

Oh oh oh here oh oh oh here oh oh oh
I ask myself what am I doing here?
Oh oh oh here oh oh oh here
And I can't wait till we can break up outta here

"Ansel" - Modest Mouse

Similar to Death Cab, Modest Mouse is a band I've been listening to for years. This track could have come out ten years ago, a classic sound that you'd identify as Modest Mouse on first listen.

I made a mess of myself and the trip on the whole;
My father stayed patient with me, why? I don't know.
You can't know; well, you can't ever really know:
That's the last time I've seen my brother, Ansel.

"Fool For Love" - Lord Huron

Another track from the latest album from Lord Huron, this was probably my favorite track on Strange Trails.

I stare into the endless sky
And I saw a tale of my life go by
I drift into the great unknown
I really don't know where I'm going

"Emily" - San Fermin

San Fermin was another late discovery for me this year. I thought this song was fantastic, reminds me a lot of The National.

And I'm running on empty
Three four five on the steps we arrive
Down down down the rabbithole
Gotta get out of my head tonight

"Homecoming" - Josh Ritter

I have some friends that love Josh Ritter's work but I just started listening to him this year. I found this song about a month ago and added it to my list. It's probably gotten as much play as any song I've added recently. Love the lyrics in this one.

When the oracle spoke to me she was like a roadside song, (Don't go away now)
Do unto others as you would have them do,
Even if in turn they do you wrong, (Hey now)
This town right here is my everything,
Though I've been torn away, (Don't go away now)
It has my heart

"Believe (Nobody Knows)" - My Morning Jacket

Another one from My Morning Jacket's The Waterfall, this is the opening track on the album. Immediately kicks it into high gear right from the opening notes.

Time to roll
The answer floats on by
The farthest shore
Of the mind
Roll the dice that sail the ship
And all the world will open
All in it's time

"A Wonderful Life" - Brian Fallon

This new release is from Brian Fallon, lead singer of the Gaslight Anthem. I've often heard Bruce Springsteen referenced as a major influence to Gaslight and I think you can clearly hear that in this song.

Don't you want a life like we saw on the picture show?
So come on, give me something, come on, keep me up all night

"Church" - Gary Clark Jr.

Gary Clark Jr. is a great talent, I've gotten to see him perform at a couple festivals and thought he was excellent. Usually when I think of his music, I think of a guitar driven song which is why I went with something a little different with this choice. I didn't expect this kind of sound from him but I thought this song was so damn good, actually reminded me a bit of some of Ben Harper's work in the 90s.

I was taught
To be patient
And I was taught
To be kind
But I unwind

Lord, my Lord
I need your helpin' hand

"Noisy Heaven" - Beach Slang

One more from the Beach Slang album I mentioned earlier in the list. There are so many good songs on this album but you can rip through the whole thing in about 45 minutes. No fluff, just great rock songs.

Our heads are blurry
Our hearts are sharp things
I bet on you
To make me nervous
To stay dangerous
Good love is not safe

The night is alive, it's loud, and I'm drunk

"Smooth Sailin" - Leon Bridges

Another favorite discovery in 2015, what a great year Leon Bridges had capped off by a recent appearance as the musical guest on SNL. I saw him very early in the year opening a show in Brooklyn for Sharon Van Etten (great show by the way). This is a fantastic album, absolutely worth a listen if you like the way this one sounds. Bridges has a throwback sound and I can assure you he sounds just as good live as on the recorded versions, probably better.

Said I like the way (like the way)
Said I like the way (like the way)
You sail your ship down
Let me be your cargo

I won't wear you down
No honey I won't

Wear you down

"Tiger By The Tail" - Matthew Good

I've been a fan of Matthew Good's work since the late 90s, he's written some of my favorite songs of all-time. This track is from his latest album released this year.

Hurt flying high
you know how this ends
we just fall away

"Friends" - City & Colour

Dalla Green probably has one of the greatest voices in music today. I'm always excited to hear his latest work and I thought this was a beautiful song from his current album, both lyrically and musically.

Still I wait for all the words of happiness
Still I wait for all the words of jubilation
I will hope for just an ounce of confidence
To offer myself some sort of congratulations

"I've Been Failing" - Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats

One more from the Rateliff album, I can't recommend listening to this album in it's entirety strongly enough. The first time I heard this song the only thing that came to my mind was: Van Morrison. Couldn't this have been a Morrison song released on Moondance or Astral Weeks?

Now that all seems dark and light has gone away
I’ve been out there bending in the wind
Now I’m standing here to be beside you
And for all I know and all I care

I said don’t you weep and don’t you worry

"Something Soon" - Car Seat Headrest

This was another recommendation from Steven Hyden (who I mentioned earlier in the Beach Slang writeup). Probably the strangest video I'll post in this list but the song is great.

I was referring to the present in past tense
it was the only way that I could survive it
I want to close my head in the car door
I want to sing this song like I'm dying

"Hudson Commodore" - Jason Isbell

One more from Jason Isbell's 2015 release, another solid album from start to finish, recommend picking this one up.

She just wanted to ride in a Delahaye 135
She just wanted to ride in a Hudson Commodore
No need to worry anymore

"This Must Be The Place" - Iron & Wine and Ben Bridwell

Earlier this year, Sam Beam (I&W) and Ben Bridwell (Band of Horses) put out this great album of covers. I haven't seen it listed on one list but I thought it had some excellent takes on some classic songs. Sam and Ben's voices blended together perfectly, these songs sound great. I love the original version by the Talking Heads and I thought this was fantastic as well. Here's a great clip from Newport Folk Festival.

Ah, We got plenty of time
Ah, You got light in your eyes
And you're standing here beside me
I love the passing of time
Never for money, always for love
Cover up and say goodnight, say goodnight

"How Much Light" - Ryan Adams

Throughout the year, Ryan Adams is known to release EPs that are easy to miss if you're not paying attention. He issued a few this year and I thought this was one of the better songs he put out in 2015.

All my life i've been searching for someone and
I could never get it right
I could never get it right
I've never seen so much light

"Shock Me" - Baroness

This album was released very late in the year so most Best of 2015 lists didn't feature anything from Baroness. This is why in my opinion it's worth waiting until December wraps up, this is one of my favorite songs on the whole list. A little heavier than most stuff I've listed above but this album is awesome, one of the better ones put out this year.

But good fortune never was shinning on me
The way it shone on you
Shock me, I needed a surprise
Shock me, I needed a surprise

"Don't Wanna Fight" - Alabama Shakes

The Shakes continue to put out good music, Brittany Howard's voice sounds as good as ever here. Love seeing these guys live when I get the chance, a great show.

Take from my hand
Put in your hands
The fruit of all my grief
Lying down ain't easy when
Everyone is pleasing
I can't get no relief

"Lights On" - Big Grams

Big Grams is a collaboration of Big Boi (Outkast) and Phantogram. This album has some really catchy songs, this was the one that I kept coming back to.

When the bars say stop, when the bars all start to close
And it gets dark outside and I can't find my way home
I hope you keep your lights on for me
I hope you keep your lights on for me

"I Love You All The Time" - My Morning Jacket (Eagles of Death Metal cover)

This is the only song I intentionally placed on this list, I wanted this to close. This is an Eagles of Death Metal song that the band asked other bands to perform in honor of the victims of the terror attacks in Paris. Several bands have followed that request, but My Morning Jacket was one of the first... and I happened to be at the show where they performed it. This was the fourth night at the Beacon Theatre just after Thanksgiving and Jim James explained what they were going to do, what the song was and why they were playing it. He also asked for a moment of silence which lasted about ten seconds and was a really powerful moment as you could hear a pin drop in the theatre during that time.

As someone who loves music and live music especially, that attack hit me in a profound way. I've spent hundreds of nights in music clubs throughout the country and I fully realize that the attack in Paris could have easily happened in New York as well as any other city. We come together to celebrate live music, we love it and it's our sanctuary. It's beyond upsetting to think about the events that night but I'm glad so many bands are speaking about it and honoring the victims. Thought this would be a fitting way to wrap up the list this year.