Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Deer Tick & Dawes @ Bowery Ballroom 7/24/09

On Friday night, my buddy Chuck and I went down to the Bowery Ballroom for the Deer Tick & Dawes show. This is a concert I had been looking forward to for quite awhile, actually probably since right after the Johnny Beach BDay party at the Music Hall Of Williamsburg where I first saw both of these bands live. Not only that, I'd put both of their albums in my top ten for the year to this point, both are really good albums.

I left my camera at home this time around so I'll just give some abbreviated notes about the show. Dawes came on around 10:30 and played about 7-8 songs. The highlight was when Deer Tick came out to join the band on the song "When My Time Comes", led by lead singer John Joseph McCauley III on harmonica. I don't think a lot of the crowd was too familiar with Dawes' songs but they were clearly into this one (it's a GREAT live song.) I couldn't find a video from the show I was at but here's a clip from another show on the tour, gives you an idea of how it sounds.

Deer Tick came on shortly after Dawes left the stage and immediately kicked it into high gear with their song "Easy" from their most recent album. Their set consisted of a good mix of songs from both their first album "War Elephant" and their latest "Born On Flag Day". I loved songs like "Houston, TX", "Ashamed" and "Friday XIII". They finished the show with everyone from the bands on stage playing a raucous version of "La Bamba".

If you get the chance to catch either of these bands on tour, I highly recommend the shows. Both are good performers and worth checking out, especially in these theaters/small venues. Members of both bands were hanging around the venue after the show and we spoke with Taylor (lead singer of Dawes) for a few minutes. Hell of a nice guy and I really think they have a bright future ahead of them. Pretty amazing how young these guys are but their harmonies are tremendous, at times they remind me of CSNY, the Black Crowes and the Jayhawks. I'm really excited to follow them through the years and see how their music progresses but for now I'll be happy listening to their debut "North Hills" on repeat.


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