Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pearl Jam "Backspacer" Q&A w/ Billboard

Billboard online has a great interview with Eddie Vedder and Stone Gossard from Pearl Jam discussing their upcoming release "Backspacer". Along with the print version, there are also audio excerpts included. You can read/listen to the whole thing HERE.


Styla73 said...

Have you heard much yet Pat?

I've been lucky enough to hear it a few times through work. I saw your tweet about "Just Breathe" today - that song just blew me away. Instant love!

For me, this is the best album since "Yeild" - I really do think this is a return to form. Not that I've disliked the more recent albums, but I certainly haven't thrashed them. They've had moments for me, but I haven't entered into a committed relationship with the entire ALBUM, just individual tracks, which isn't usually how I roll. ;-)

I'm happy to hear them a bit less angry, this is a beautiful rock album. So melodic. Moments of tenderness, but the rock parts still RAWK! Lovin' it.

I've got freakin AWESOME tickets for 27th Nov show with Ben Harper & Relentless7. Can't. Farking. Wait!



Tremags said...

I got a copy this week and I'm with you Kylie, agree that it's their best album since "Yield". There are some awesome songs on the cd, I think "Unthought Known" is my favorite but it's a great album overall.

Have a great time at the show, I'll be heading to see them in Philly at the end of October.