Saturday, March 31, 2012

Nostalgia, Ultra

Frank Ocean's, "Nostalgia, Ultra". How does it affect you? Do you feel it? Does it tell a story? These are questions I've asked myself. The truth is that no album has had the impact on me the last few years that this has. NOSTALGIA, ULTRA. What does it mean? For whatever reason, it often takes me back to high school and the friends I grew up with. To you, it may mean something different. To me?.... I listen to the lyrics and think Nostalgia..... the people that have been there for me and have shaped the person I've become.

My buddy Sully was in NYC today, he only gets in once or twice a year but it's always awesome. Our dads were roommates in college, we're born 20 days apart so we've literally known each other for almost 35 years. We're the best of friends, almost brothers to be realistic. Never had a bad time together. Would do anything for each other. He's not a big music fan but the first person I think of when I think of my childhood and the friends I grew up with. We played basketball EVERY DAY after high school in Sul's driveway. We used to blast the shit out of his stereo.... Paperboy - "Ditty", we killed that song. Me, Sul, Chilvers, Hunt. We fought, we scored, we logged a million hours on the blacktop. Amazing fucking friends. Nostalgia, Ultra.

As I was coming home tonight, had the ipod on. Matthew Good came on the playlist. Two people I always think of when I hear Matt Good, Mike Baker and Joe Beleznay. Two amazing friends, I've known Joe since 6th grade and Mike probably since high school. The three of us just saw Matthew Good in NYC a few weeks ago. I see these guys maybe once a year and I swear when I do, it's honestly like we had hung out the night before. Friends. The best people you could know. Do anything for each other. Never forget who we are and where we've come from. Nostalgia, Ultra.

After Matt Good, the Samples hit the playlist. So many memories flooding back. Some amazing shows that I saw through high school. Their music always reminds me of my buddies Chris Hunt and Tom Soper. Two guys I grew up with, went to a ton of shows with and basically lived through their music with. We traveled, we saw a ton of shows, we lived it. Didn't just listen but actually LIVED the music. If you like live music, you know what I'm talking about. Nostalgia, Ultra.

Another song, Pearl Jam, "Off He Goes". Amazing song, kills me everytime I hear it. Think about people like Matt Sposato, JR Janda and my brother Andy. People I've traveled with to see the band. Springfield, Mass. Canada: Montreal.... Ottawa. My favorite band, listening with some of my favorite people. Nostalgia, Ultra.

What does this all mean? I guess the gist of it is how thankful I am. How lucky I am to have the support system around me of these people I've referenced. People that know me and have known me since I was a kid. Some things have changed but at the heart of it, I'm the same guy at 34 that I was at 18. I'm so thankful to have these amazing people around me because they have made me who I am. As a kid I always remember my dad telling me how the people you keep close will define who you are. He was so right, you are the company you keep. These people are my foundation. I would be nothing without them. We may be friends through music or maybe we're friends and found music together. Either way, we've made each other better people. When I stop and reflect, I think how lucky I am and know that I'd be nothing without them. Take care of the people that have made you who you are. NOSTALGIA, ULTRA.

I've had this black suit on
Roaming around like I'm ready for a funeral
One more mile 'til the road runs out

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