Monday, November 5, 2012

SOTD: "Life Size Ghosts" - Mt. Wolf

First, let me just say my thoughts and prayers are with all my fellow east-coasters who lost so much during the hurricane. This storm was absolutely devastating to so many and it will be a long time before people can recover. I was without power, heat and water for a week but got taken in by friends throughout NYC and made the best of it knowing that I could have had it so much worse.

This has been a really emotional and sad time, everywhere you look you see damage and chances are that you know someone that lost a substantial amount. The city has done a good job of getting power and public transportation back and running to the best of their ability and as of this morning life starts to get back to somewhat normal for some of us.

I've always felt music can be such an important tool in the healing process no matter what the situation, so I'm going to do my best to get back to tracking down new music and sharing whatever I can now that I'm back up online.

To those of you who reached out last week over email or twitter, thank you so much, it's much appreciated. To those of you still affected by storm, hang in there.

Here's a beautiful song I came across this morning, "Life Size Ghosts" by Mt. Wolf. If you like this one, you can stream the entire EP HERE.

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