Monday, February 18, 2013

SOTD: "Ramona" - Night Beds

Really digging this tune, it's got a Ryan Adams' vibe to it. Also check out the Night Beds NPR Tiny Desk Concert right HERE.

For more on Night Beds, including a bunch of upcoming tour dates, check out their website HERE.

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bethany said...

This song is also on a compilation called the Dead Oceans 2013 Sampler. It's actually full of 10 songs by 10 different artists, and most of them pretty intriguing.

You can find it on iTunes.

(I hope that lets me link properly. )

But I've been digging this song for a week now. I don't normally find things before you tell your blog audience about them, so it was a proud moment in my musical appreciation life when I saw this posting. ;o)